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Putting a cap on it.. your Twitter followers, that is.

Sitting in Detroit's airport last week, I was scanning my Twitter feed and I came across something from Andrea Lewis (@AndreaVLewis).  I saw the following:  "I've decided to cap my twitter #s. 500 is my limit for both followers/following. To con't having good conversations I think it's necessary." I was surprised that someone would come… Continue reading Putting a cap on it.. your Twitter followers, that is.

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What inspires me? You!

Lauren Novo is a senior at Florida State University with a double major in Media/Communication Studies and Creative Writing. Additionally, she serves as the staff writer for Trusteria Services, a regional company in Tallahassee, and as a public relations staff assistant for RB Oppenheim Associates, a local PR agency. Connect with her on Twitter, LinkedIn… Continue reading What inspires me? You!

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Men bloggers are better? Ummm…

I love a good debate.  It's a chance to see where people stand on issues and enjoy conversation.  Well, I opened up my e-mail at work and saw the headline, "Why are bloggers male?" It seemed innocent enough, so I clicked on the link which took me to Margaret Wente's item in the The Globe and Mail… Continue reading Men bloggers are better? Ummm…

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One move that costs you.

Sometimes, no matter how many great things that you do, it doesn't matter.  One event has redefined who and what you are for the rest of your life.  Ronan Tynan, the great Irish tenor who became a staple at New York Yankees' games when he sang "God Bless America," can attest to this. Tynan is… Continue reading One move that costs you.

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It’s common sense, right?!?

Over the last few weeks, I've read more than a few white papers, listened and watched webinars, and read a book on how to better use social media. I've been told on more than a few occasions that you need to have a plan and you should understand what you are getting into when it… Continue reading It’s common sense, right?!?