Guest post: Ambition Knows No Limits

(Jas’ note: Harrison Kratz is an incredible PR talent… Plain and simple.  You don’t just decide at age 19 to start your own PR firm.  That caught my attention immediately. While he is just getting his engine revved up, I asked him to offer up a guest blog on what he’s experienced so far.)

About 5 months ago, I was at an internship that really wasn’t teaching me anything or enhancing my PR skills.  While there are worse things than getting paid to spend time on the computer, I don’t think I’ve ever been more frustrated.

That was when I decided to find work for myself.  I was already managing my friend’s music career, but I wanted a little more.  In late December I created Kratz PR & Management.  I really created it just as an umbrella for my managing and PR ventures.

Harrison Kratz

As a 19-year-old sophomore at Drexel University, I didn’t get my expectations too high in the early going.   I think that initial approach is what has led to Kratz PR’s recent success.  I took everything has it came, and haven’t taken anything for granted.  I’ve treated everything as a blessing and a new opportunity.

I have to say, that the fact I have 8 clients in 5 months, is mind blowing to me to say the least.  It has been an extremely fun and eventful beginning that I am excited to keep growing and building upon what I have started in the early going.  This has been anything but easy though.

As I said I am still a student, and it is very frustrating and daunting that I cannot dedicate all of my time to Kratz PR.  While I do everything I possibly can for my clients, there are times where I have to remember that my education is still my number one priority.  I am lucky and grateful that I now have an amazing client management team to help me with the day-to-day procedures of Kratz PR.

Although funding for the firm hasn’t been a hindering problem, financials since getting started has been an issue.  Many of our clients are start-up businesses and artists, and the funding just hasn’t been there for the companies.  Because money is low, it has been frustrating to pass up on conferences that would be beneficial to our growth.

Having said that, I do not let money get in the way of signing clients and building Kratz PR.  While I am not running a charity, I feel that I am in position to continue my growth without having money be a primary goal.  Because of my age, I want to focus on developing a professional network that will carry me and continue Kratz PR’s growth once I leave school.  By partnering with businesses and artists that I believe in, I feel we will help each other grow and achieve our career goals.

I see big things in the near future for Kratz PR & Management, and I hope this success lasts for quite some time.  It’s simply a vision of mine and I intend to keep following as I continue on to the real world.

“Ambition Knows No Limits.”

For any questions or anything else, please connect with me on Twitter: @KratzPR


About JasMollica

"It's never too late to have a life and it's never too late to change one." That's something I tell students, friends, and family all the time. After living and working in New York City, I took my own advice in 2004, switched my career from the television/radio industry and got into public relations. Now, I spend my days as a PR/social media marketing consultant and get inspired daily. It's been a good ride, so far. But the car has plenty of gas left. I hope you'll join along in this guy's journey!

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  1. Harrison, I think that’s so cool! It makes me sad to see people coming out of four years of college with a degree in hand but little common sense in their head……..sounds like you have some balance on that front! Good luck.

    • Paula,

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m impressed at not only what Harrison has done so far, but his outlook on life and career. I think we all can continue to learn from people like him.

  2. Although I am one of Harrison’s more established clients, I applaud the business model of starting and building a new company’s client list by helping other new businesses succeed. The connections you all establish with each other, and the resources you all bring to the entrepreneurial table to share, may very well prove the key to driving your long term mutual growth and success!

    • Marcia,

      Glad you stopped by! Part of what will continue to make this country successful are those looking out for the well being of new business. With Harrison helping you, in turn you can help him.

      I always believe in paying it forward. I think you both are doing that in many ways.


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