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The real meaning of “The Social Network”

This past weekend, I finally watched “The Social Network.” By now, you know it’s the story of how Facebook came to be.  I found it to be terrific and enjoyed seeing a platform that has changed the way we interact, highlighted in Hollywood.

Of course, there have been some detractors. Sean Parker, Facebook’s founding president, recently called the film a work of “fiction.” On the other hand, the movie’s main character, Mark Zuckerberg, hasn’t had anything earth-shattering to say about the portrayal of him in it.

When it was first released, it received a ton of buzz and folks flocked to theaters to see it.  This month, “The Social Network” won four Golden Globes, including one for best picture. On January 25, it was nominated for a best picture Oscar and received a best actor nod for Jesse Eisenberg.  For the folks that originally thought it was going to be a “social media” movie, it’s been more than that.

And that’s why I’m writing this post. “The Social Network” is more than just Eisenberg’s portrayal of Zuckerberg; the movie is about the entrepreneurial spirit. Sure, that spirit doesn’t always include hanging a zip line so you can do tricks into a pool (watch the movie to see what I mean). What the entrepreneurial spirit does is inspire us to create something that will help change the world, or at least help make it better.

Now, I’m not here to argue whether the idea for Facebook was stolen or whether Parker’s character in the movie is accurate.

What I will tell you is that anyone who works hard to see their dreams or plans come true, this movie will help inspire you to work harder. It surely did for me. Do I think I’ll be the next Mark Zuckerberg? No. But, who’s to say that I can’t make my blog something that people go to for advice and (maybe) inspiration.

And for that matter, who’s to say YOU can’t be the person that comes up with the next great idea in social media, PR, or marketing? No one.  And if someone tells you that you can’t do it… don’t listen and, most importantly, don’t believe them.

You can be ANYTHING you set your mind to. Believe in what you know and put it to good use.  You may not see it pay off (monetarily) at first. But the more you hone it and get the word out on it, you will see the results.

Right now you may be sitting at a desk, wondering how you can make that next great idea take off, so you won’t have to sit in your office for another year. Do something about it… Make your dreams happen now!

Did you see “The Social Network?” What were your thoughts?


8 thoughts on “The real meaning of “The Social Network””

  1. Jason – I love this! What a great kick in the keester (totally needed). Also, what a great way to view the movie – which I have not seen yet and was questioning it because of the “fiction” buzz. I was still curious, but skeptical. Your interpretation is refreshing and makes me look forward to seeing it from a positive and motivational perspective. Thanks!

  2. I just recently saw “The Social Network” and I, too, thought it was a decent movie. However, I would not characterize it as “the story of how Facebook came to be.” More accurately, it is the story of how Facebook came to be sued.

    This isn’t a movie about the origins of Facebook; it’s a movie about a lawsuit. I highly recommend David Kirkpatrick’s book “The Facebook Effect” as a counterbalance to the movie. Somewhere between that book and the movie lies the truth of what really happened.

    1. Hal,
      Thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts. I’ll most certainly read “The Facebook Effect.”
      I do realize that the movie probably took some liberties with characters. It is Hollywood after all.

      Just checked out your blog, as well. Enjoyed reading what you have there. I’ll be reading.


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