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Recruiter or still the Recruited?

My wife sent me a story this week from, titled “More College Grads Use Social Media to Find Jobs.” It says that nearly 28% of college students plan to seek employment using LinkedIn, up from 5% last year. Slightly more than 7% plan to use Facebook, up from 5%. This is all according to a survey  from employee recognition provider “I Love Rewards “and career-services network Experience.

While I’m a staunch advocate of using social media for your job hunt (I ultimately found my current job using social media), let me throw a little water on this study.  Just because you may use social media doesn’t guarantee anything.  Sure, it’s a great tool to assist you in the search. But it’s not the ONLY one you use be using. This quote by “I Love Rewards” CEO and founder Razor Suleman is a little troubling to me:

“The recruited have now become the recruiters… They are now going out and finding the companies they want to apply for.”

First off, students are ALWAYS going out and finding what they are looking for in a job.  Second, you the student, are still the recruited.  Mr. Suleman’s statement is a too brash. The tables are not turned in search, the employer is still going to do their due diligence on your, just as you will on them.

Here’s a few job search tips for you as you look for that first job or the next rung on your career ladder.

-Check your sources: This is where LinkedIn can be very effective for you. See what others say about the company. It also doesn’t hurt to reach out to your Twitter community for insight.

-Expect the unexpected: During your hunt, you’ll go through ups and downs. Keep in mind that you may NOT get that job you really want. Don’t be discouraged, but be realistic.

-Don’t waste your time: Are you emailing 15 resumes a month? Probably not the best move.  You don’t need to saturate the job market.  You DO need to be strategic in your search.

Go with confidence and intelligence in your search!


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