Facebook Changes Need To Be Embraced

If you found it difficult to log onto Facebook on Wednesday, you weren’t the only one. The reason was the first of what will be some remarkable changes to the social media platform.

The latest changes to Facebook are focused on the News Feed, which takes your friends’ posts and considers a number of factors to decide whether they deserve top billing on your account’s home page. The network also changed the News Feed to more prominently display pictures and added some more settings meant to give users post-by-post control over the feed.

These moves come ahead of today’s f8 developers conference when CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivers his keynote speech to kick off the event at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Of course, with any changes to Facebook, there’s a fair amount of folks that complain about anything Zuckerberg and his team does. It’s your right to complain, but let’s be honest. It’s a FREE service. If you don’t like the changes, delete your account. It’s that simple.

For me, I view these changes as a chance to embrace Facebook further, especially as a social media marketer and public relations professional. Our clients are going to want to know about the changes and we need to make sure we fully understand them. If you run a Facebook account for a client, you need to adapt to these changes. Otherwise, they’ll find someone else that can do it.

We live in a time when things around us are changing daily. Social media isn’t any different. As a matter of fact, it’s likely because of social media that we see such constant change.

So, if you thought Wednesday’s changes were mind-blowing, Thursday’s f8 event is sure to be a memorable day in social media history. Don’t reject it, embrace it.

I want your thoughts on what Facebook is doing and how it affects you. Let me know in the comments section.


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  1. So many people have tough time with change. Facebook just trying to improve itself, I’d say. Perhaps response has to do with how they roll out changes… ? saw FB’s recent announcement of changes compared to GAP’s recent snaffu with logo change. Interesting comparison.

  2. on a personal level, im annoyed with the changes to events…i actually have to go into events now to see what is coming up that day.

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