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Monday Minute: Redefining PR

Thanks to PRSA for the inspiration for today’s Monday Minute… how we as an industry are changing because of social media.

Here is the story in the New York Times that I referenced. What do you as public relations pros think about PRSA’s efforts here? Let me know in the comments.


1 thought on “Monday Minute: Redefining PR”

  1. Jason, I always enjoy your Monday Minutes and am always amazed at how much content you fit into one minute! The article you linked to outlines the questions well I think. I think the idea that PR is no longer as “top down” as it used to be is key to the redefine … the “relations” part demands real time responsiveness AND the ability on the part of the professional to see issues through the eyes of the person who is complaining or praising – in order to engage them to be a long term client/customer.

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