Expand Your (Social) Horizons

I had the honor and pleasure of speaking to the PRSSA chapter at Columbia College in Chicago, Ill. on Monday, via Skype. A big thanks to the whole chapter, including Hilary Jurinak, for inviting me. One of the many topics we touched on was (of course) social networking. Believe it or not, there are some folks that still don’t understand how you can benefit from social media (Columbia College’s PRSSA understood, though). If you don’t grasp the power of what social can do for you, someone else will. This is true before you graduate and even while you are a seasoned pro.

Here are four ways to use social to better yourself and your job prospects:

  • Keep your LinkedIn profile current and crisp: The stats don’t lie. LinkedIn is a popular place for recruiters and employers to look at your qualifications. Make sure your profile is up-to-date and has trusted recommendations. And I don’t mean ones from friends.
  • Flickr can be used to your advantage: I’m working with a tourism client that will begin using Flickr to showcase photos of the area. This helps show what we have to offer and the great things to do around town. Show a potential employer (or client) the visual side of your skills.
  • Pin it: Yes, Pinterest has exploded onto the scene. Don’t discount it. Understand how retailers are using it and adapt it to show a great campaign you launched, or even use it as a portfolio.
  • Don’t discount blogging: In public relations, we do a ton of writing. However, I’ve seen a lot of bad examples of it. Sharpen your writing skills as well as your critical thinking and create a blog. It’s your avenue to expound on issues in PR, social and marketing.

The most important thing to realize is that we must continue to evolve as PR practitioners, marketers, and social media professionals. You may think Pinterest isn’t for you. Well, there will be someone else who will think it is for them and leapfrog you to get a job or new client. Don’t be the person who misses out… open your mind and keep sharp!

How have you expanded your horizons? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Technically, you reached out to us Jason! Just shows how enthusiastic and great you are to so many PRSSA students! Thank you =)

  2. Hi Jason. I found your site through an article ant Ragan.com. Cool blog!

    I’m encouraged to see you mention Flickr here. I’ve been more active there lately and it allows for a huge amount of customization: embedded links in comments or descriptions of images, and easy organization of sets and collections to begin with.

    Also, since you mention Pinterest, I thought you might be interested to know I’m starting to grow traffic to my own blog from there by doing a “Stuff I’m Blogging About” board with a built-in conversion metric (comments). It’s just getting started, but it’s definitely got potential, as you note. I’d be curious to know your perspective on this approach. Thanks!

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for reading and replying. I like what you are doing on Pinterest and I’m going to be following on there as well.

      So many great new avenues to marketing brands, we owe it to ourselves to, at least, check them out.


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