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Why “I Misspoke” Isn’t Good Enough

By now, you have heard and read the about Missouri Republican Representative Todd Akin’s infamous rape victims cannot get pregnant quote.  Needless to say, it received a ton of play on television, print, and social media shortly after he said it on Sunday. His own party has even asked him to drop out of his… Continue reading Why “I Misspoke” Isn’t Good Enough

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The Post-Internship Rules

Summer vacation is over, but it never really started if you had a PR/marketing/social media internship. Even before you packed up your dorm/apartment, you were already working at that internship. Well, now it’s time to head back to campus and say goodbye your supervisor and co-workers from that agency, firm, or business where you (hopefully)… Continue reading The Post-Internship Rules

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Working with Doubt

"What's the long face, what's all the crying for... Didn't you expect it when you opened your door." - Bruce Hornsby I've been a solo PR/social media marketing pro for nearly a year now. I chronicled my feelings as a new solo pro in May for Kellye Crane at It's been such great ride to… Continue reading Working with Doubt