Getting Creative with Your Job Search

As we inch towards May, the sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance” can be heard. It’s a time of great joy and excitement. College is over and the real world is waiting for you. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a job is waiting for you. Statistics show that very recent grads may be at a higher risk of unemployment. Look at the Class of 2011. By October of their graduation year, about 5 months post-commencement, 14 percent were jobless, according to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

Not exactly reassuring, right? Well, here is where I and a group of other great PR pros hope to help you out. On Thursday, May 2 from 9-10 p.m. EST, I am moderating the HAPPO Twitter chat on “Creative Job Search Strategies.” What is HAPPO? It was started by Arik Hanson and Valerie Simon to connect job seekers in the PR field to those that could help in some way. We hope that some of the ideasJob hunting that are tweeted can help you in your search. Before next week’s chat, here are a few ideas on getting creative with your search.

  • Keep Your Eyes Open– You never know when a great opportunity may come upon you. Never just dismiss it; think about the pros and cons. I always do a personal SWOT analysis at every opportunity.
  • Spread Your Wings– As much as you may not want to, considering a job in another city or state could be the perfect move. It offers the challenge of learning a new area and making a name for yourself. Plus, meeting new people always helps to challenge us. This may not sound “creative,” but some grads just think about staying near home.
  • Be Strategic- Some say to “pepper” firms/agencies with you resume. This isn’t the best move. By focusing your search and your resume, you give yourself a better shot at impressing a recruiter. Don’t use the generic cover letter. Show passion in your writing and your approach.
  • Don’t Doubt Yourself– This sounds easy, but it isn’t always the case. You are the one that knows your skills best; believe in yourself and know that even though you may not know it all, you can still be a success.

If you have more creative ideas for the job search, leave them in the comments and join us on May 2 on Twitter! You can find me @JasMollica.


About JasMollica

"It's never too late to have a life and it's never too late to change one." That's something I tell students, friends, and family all the time. After living and working in New York City, I took my own advice in 2004, switched my career from the television/radio industry and got into public relations. Now, I spend my days as a PR/social media marketing consultant and get inspired daily. It's been a good ride, so far. But the car has plenty of gas left. I hope you'll join along in this guy's journey!

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  1. Thank you for the post Jason! When I was in-agency, I used to manage our internship program and was responsible for hiring. I do remember one fantastic approach a candidate took where she transformed her resume into an infographic. I loved the creativity and especially as infographics were becoming a popular trend in our industry to share metrics and market research. It really stood out to me, but unfortunately the candidate was from out of state and our company was only hiring locally. I did, however, connect with her on LinkedIn so she could expand her network. I would recommend these outside-the-box approaches, as long as they still stick to the basics and provide enough background information that a traditional resume should. It definitely caught my eye, so I am sure it would catch others as well 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing, Christina! It seems that outside-the-box approach made an impact, even if you couldn’t hire her.

  3. Just marked my calendar for the chat!

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