Simplicity: A Better Way to Blog

“If you can see the lights shine in front of me. If you can see the lights shout out where you’ll be.”- Simple Minds, See the Lights

It’s no secret if you follow my blog via email, WordPress, or on social networks, that I haven’t done this in a while.  There have been a number of factors why, none of which are great excuses. That got me thinking. Why is it so hard to blog sometimes? Sure, there are probably a few factors: Time, can’t think of anything to write about, and over thinking a topic.

IMG_0970I think I may have found a way to make it a bit easier for you to blog. Simplify your thoughts and stop trying to write the next great blog post. Just write a blog post that will work for you! We all want to get some traction on our blog, but if that is what enters your mind first, you are destined to sit in front of your screen for hours.

Here’s how to simplify your time and posting:

  1. Keep a memo handy– Whether it is your iPhone’s recorder or a planner, if an idea comes into your mind, jot it down. It may not be your end topic for your post, but it could spur something further.
  2. Read other blogs- I’m not advocating plagiarism, but sometimes reading other blog posts get your brain’s juices flowing. It’s happened to me many times and I’ve done my best work (I think) when I can debate something.
  3. Don’t stop brainstorming- Take a few minutes and just jot some ideas down. Everything from PR tactics, social media outreach, etc. Then again, it may not be either of those things. I’ve found inspiration watching Iron Man! An idea can present itself at any time. Be ready!

Do you have a tip or two to share with my readers? Leave them in the comments!


About JasMollica

"It's never too late to have a life and it's never too late to change one." That's something I tell students, friends, and family all the time. After living and working in New York City, I took my own advice in 2004, switched my career from the television/radio industry and got into public relations. Now, I spend my days as a PR/social media marketing consultant and get inspired daily. It's been a good ride, so far. But the car has plenty of gas left. I hope you'll join along in this guy's journey!

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