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The JourneyCast Podcast with guest Matt LaCasse

Matt LaCasse and I are another example of developing a relationship from social media. I've (unfortunately) never met him in person, but have talked with him in every other way possible (except carrier pigeon and the string cup phone). I've never been disappointed with something I retweet or share from Matt because I know he… Continue reading The JourneyCast Podcast with guest Matt LaCasse

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JourneyCast Podcast with Jason Sprenger

Episode Four of The JourneyCast Podcast features Game Changer Communications president Jason Sprenger.  I've had the pleasure of chatting with Jason in 140 characters over the last few years. His focused insight with clients and the respect he has within the public relations industry is one we can all learn from. Talking with Jason, I… Continue reading JourneyCast Podcast with Jason Sprenger


JourneyCast Podcast w/ Ben Butler

Late last spring, I had the chance to first chat with Ben Butler over Twitter. As we got to talking, I realized how incredibly prepared and focused he was. Ben interviewed me for his blog and we finally got to meet in person in October at the PRSSA National Conference.  In this edition of the JourneyCast, I… Continue reading JourneyCast Podcast w/ Ben Butler