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The JourneyCast Podcast: Jessica Lawlor

The JourneyCast Podcast is back and I’m thrilled to welcome my friend and fellow Temple University graduate, Jessica Lawlor. It’s no surprise that Jessica has become one of the more respected pros in our industry because of her drive, honesty, and work ethic.

If that’s not enough, she’s also the driving force behind the “Get Gutsy” movement. On this edition, we’ll talk about that, as well as how she’s been able to have success so early in her career. Enjoy!

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The JourneyCast Podcast: Stephanie Wonderlin

When you hear the words “Twitter Powerhouse,” you may think of a brand like Mercedes Benz or Starbucks. But, you’d be wrong. The Twitter Powerhouse we are referring to is Stephanie Wonderlin. Not only is Stephanie a passionate user of Twitter (@swonderlin), Facebook, and Instagram, she is also one of the savviest people on YouTube. Whether it is AboutSWTweetheartTV, being a social media corespondent, or working on her own new segments, titled “It’s a SWonderful Life,” Stephanie has proven time and time again that not only is she one of the most talented people on social, she’s also one of the kindest.

In this edition of The JourneyCast Podcast, I talk with Stephanie about her career, so far, how she has had to adjust her brand, what “lean in” means to her, and  how she balances her busy home and work life.

The JourneyCast Podcast, Episode 8, with Stephanie Wonderlin.

You can find all of Stephanie’s links by going to her website.

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The JourneyCast Podcast: Michael A. Brown, Sr., Ph.D.

Over a year ago, Michael Brown, Sr. reached out to me and asked if he could use one of my blog posts in his upcoming book. It was flattering to be asked, since I’ve never been included in a book, and I agreed.  Fast forward to April 2014 and that book is now out. Michael is the co-author (along with Tracy Schario, APR) of the book, “Social Media 4EVR: Identifying, Achieving, and Nurturing Social Capital.” 

MikeBrownWebsiteIn this edition of The JourneyCast Podcast, we discuss Michael’s career, his unique skill set, and why the book is important for new and experienced pros.

The JourneyCast Podcast, episode 7- Michael A. Brown, Sr., Ph.D. 

You can find Michael on Twitter, @MichaelBrown76

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The JourneyCast Podcast with guest Katie Uhlaender



It’s not every day you get the chance to chat with an Olympian. I originally read about Katie Uhlaender’s story prior to the Sochi Olympic Games, due to her link with former Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel. Despite not medaling, she inspired many with her grace and toughness.

I was really honored to have had a chance to chat with Katie during a break from her duties at her farm. She shared her thoughts on farm life and her experiences in traveling around the world. Katie also touched on social media and that bond with Manuel, through her late father, Ted.

Katie is a great role model for hard work, dedication, and never giving up.

The JourneyCast Podcast, Ep. 6 with Katie Uhlaender

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The JourneyCast Podcast with guest Matt LaCasse

44424_4521832122001_1058374680_nMatt LaCasse and I are another example of developing a relationship from social media. I’ve (unfortunately) never met him in person, but have talked with him in every other way possible (except carrier pigeon and the string cup phone).

I’ve never been disappointed with something I retweet or share from Matt because I know he recognizes the importance of what he puts out on social networks. His only failing? Being a Chicago Cubs fan. Why do I pick on him about that? Because I’m a New York Mets fan.

In all seriousness, I’m really excited for everyone to listen to this episode with Matt because he shares some really great insight into how he started out in public relations, why he feels microvideo will dominate in 2014, and adjusting to being a parent and balancing work along with it.

The JourneyCast Podcast, Ep. 5 with Matt LaCasse

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JourneyCast Podcast with Jason Sprenger

Jason-Sprenger-250x300Episode Four of The JourneyCast Podcast features Game Changer Communications president Jason Sprenger.  I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Jason in 140 characters over the last few years. His focused insight with clients and the respect he has within the public relations industry is one we can all learn from.

Talking with Jason, I found a person who truly cares about his business and clients, but most importantly, not flying off the handle with opinions. He takes the time to really look into a topic, like his recent blog on social media managers. Without spoiling the post, it’s not what you normally expect. It’s one I really enjoyed and I think you will as well.

The JourneyCast Podcast, Ep. 4- Jason Sprenger

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The JourneyCast Podcast

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In our careers, it is integral that we try new things to stay fresh. Last year, I did an episode of  what I called, “The JourneyCast.” I was thrilled Matthew Cerrone from was kind enough to chat. Unfortunately, due to client work, scheduling, and life, the podcast didn’t take off like I wanted. Today, I’ve stepping back into the batter’s box and officially launching (or re-launching), “The JourneyCast Podcast.”

You can expect to hear folks in public relations, social media, marketing, blogging, and much more on my podcast. I don’t want this to be the typical question/answer interview. I love to just chat with people about why they love to do what they do, what they think about their industry, etc.

I’m glad my friend and colleague, Deirdre Breakenridge, agreed to be interviewed. She’s an inspiring person and someone many in our industry are well-aware of. However, Deirdre also continues to be a person we can depend on to hear what is really happening in the world of PR 2.0. Click the link below to listen.

The JourneyCast with Jason Mollica

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The JourneyCast: Matthew Cerrone of

Today is a really exciting day for me as a blogger and a professional. I’m officially launching my podcast, “The JourneyCast.” I’ll be talking with those people in (and out of) our industry, who are making a difference, doing impactful work, or people you should know more about.

This week, I’m thrilled to talk with Matthew Cerrone, founder and editor of, the best blog about the New York Mets and one of the preeminent sports bloggers in the nation. I’ve known Matt for a number of years now and was even lucky enough to be a small part of Metsblog in 2006. Matt has worked extremely hard to get to where he is today and is a great example of what can happen if you have a passion to see something through. You can also check out Matt’s latest project at

The JourneyCast: Guest- Matthew Cerrone

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