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The Next Step for Communications Pros

To go back to school or to not go back to school: that is the question. And this is the very question Jason blogged about recently — one that almost every working professional grapples with at one time or another. Especially in the communications field, if you’re already gainfully employed, you wonder how anything learned… Continue reading The Next Step for Communications Pros

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Blog Series: Taking the Next Step in Your Career

Maybe you are a recent graduate and entered the workplace just months ago. Or, maybe you have been in your job for five years. Regardless, you should always be thinking of this phrase: How do I take the next step? Complacency is never a good thing, so you should always be driving yourself to be… Continue reading Blog Series: Taking the Next Step in Your Career

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Blog Series: Re-invent Yourself Often

In 2008, I came to the realization that public relations was changing. Facebook was just starting to make an impact; Twitter and YouTube were still fairly new. I noticed that more and more forward-thinking PR pros were adapting these social platforms into their thinking. It was going to be the future. What was I to do… Continue reading Blog Series: Re-invent Yourself Often


Three Steps for New Pros

[Jas' note: I'm thrilled to welcome Niki Ianni, a fellow Temple University alum, to the blog with a great and timely post.] Six months ago to the day, I put on my new Macy’s clearance rack suit, smoothed my hair, double-checked my briefcase for all the basics and took a deep breath as I walked… Continue reading Three Steps for New Pros

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Gimme a Break!

"You got me workin'... day and night."- Michael Jackson That's the way I've felt lately. I work during the day, then come home and jump into doing my consulting work. This isn't me complaining about work. Believe me, I love consulting and working with passionate people. It keeps the juices really flowing. But, at some… Continue reading Gimme a Break!