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What I’ve Learned So Far

Over the last few weeks, I've begun to do some soul-searching. This has nothing to do with being unhappy or frustrated. It has everything to do with challenging myself to be better, to learn more and to understand the business I've started. I was watching "Life After Top Chef" on Bravo the other night. Each… Continue reading What I’ve Learned So Far

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Building the Bridge

This time last year, I put my daughter on the bus for her first day of kindergarten. Little did I know that the bus doors opening to her new beginning were a metaphor of what was to come for her father. One year ago, I was let go from my job. It was the best… Continue reading Building the Bridge

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What I learned from Tony Stark

"Jarvis... sometimes you gotta run before you can walk."- Tony Stark I am, at heart, a dreamer. My mind is always racing with new ideas and opportunities. I love to push the boundaries. However, I'm also someone who had to change who he was to survive in this new PR 2.0 world. The other night,… Continue reading What I learned from Tony Stark

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Monday Minute: The Solo Struggle

Think life as a solo PR pro is easy? It's not. I talk about being open and honest in PR all the time. Today, I want to be honest about my struggles so far as a solo PR pro. Solo Struggles Here's the piece that I mentioned in the video. Thank you Tara Hunt… Continue reading Monday Minute: The Solo Struggle

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The real meaning of “The Social Network”

This past weekend, I finally watched "The Social Network." By now, you know it's the story of how Facebook came to be.  I found it to be terrific and enjoyed seeing a platform that has changed the way we interact, highlighted in Hollywood. Of course, there have been some detractors. Sean Parker, Facebook's founding president, recently called… Continue reading The real meaning of “The Social Network”