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Value to your community

I feel privileged to follow many great people on Twitter.  I'm also very thankful for those that follow me.  The other day though, someone who I follow started tweeting out pretty strong messages about a company that I will not mention. The tweets started mentioning certain people at the company in rude ways. Ironically, the… Continue reading Value to your community

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Taking social media too seriously

Over the last few weeks there's been a fair amount of static about Facebook and the changes it implemented regarding privacy. That's on top of changing the "Become a Fan" button to "Like."  I'm not going to go all "War and Peace" on you for what I believe and what I don't on those issues...… Continue reading Taking social media too seriously

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Are you interesting? Don’t be.

Quick note:  You can also read more on this topic at PRCog's Gear Grindings blog. It’s not often I get really fired up over a few tweets, but when I saw some of the stuff coming out of Michigan’s 2010 PRSA conference on April 22, I reached for the blood pressure cuff.  The event, titled… Continue reading Are you interesting? Don’t be.

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Putting a cap on it.. your Twitter followers, that is.

Sitting in Detroit's airport last week, I was scanning my Twitter feed and I came across something from Andrea Lewis (@AndreaVLewis).  I saw the following:  "I've decided to cap my twitter #s. 500 is my limit for both followers/following. To con't having good conversations I think it's necessary." I was surprised that someone would come… Continue reading Putting a cap on it.. your Twitter followers, that is.

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A-Twitter over followers

Nearly a year ago, I logged onto Twitter for the first time.  It was a life changing experience that helped me become more social media-minded and opened my world into becoming a better public relations practitioner.  I am thankful to have over 350 followers, a good portion of which I chat with on a regular… Continue reading A-Twitter over followers