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Who is your PR Inspiration?

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your bestEpictetus

We (hopefully) get inspired by many things in life. A big promotion, getting your degree, or even starting your own business. However, in many cases, it is the people in our lives who inspire us to be more and do more. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had an opportunity to think about those who have inspired me to be more as a public relations professional.

2013-06-27 17.20.57Folks like Larry Litwin, Deirdre Breakenridge, Shonali Burke, and, of course, my wife, have had an indelible impact into my PR career. Every day, I am inspired by something they have done. It is why I love what I do and why I enjoy working with future and current pros to make our industry great.

Now, I ask you. Who is your PR inspiration? Why do we need to let our networks know they are great? What have they done to inspire our industry?

Let me know on Twitter, Facebook and in the comments below. I’ll then shout them out on Twitter. Be inspired by what you have learned and pay it forward!


Tuesday Tip: Valuing Yourself as a Pro

Whether you are in public relations, marketing, advertising, or social media management, it is important to understand just how valuable you are. Why? It could be the difference between a potential client understanding your worth and not being valued.

In today’s Tip, I explain the importance of value as a professional.



What are your thoughts? Weigh in by leaving a comment or sharing one on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.

The JourneyCast Podcast

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In our careers, it is integral that we try new things to stay fresh. Last year, I did an episode of  what I called, “The JourneyCast.” I was thrilled Matthew Cerrone from was kind enough to chat. Unfortunately, due to client work, scheduling, and life, the podcast didn’t take off like I wanted. Today, I’ve stepping back into the batter’s box and officially launching (or re-launching), “The JourneyCast Podcast.”

You can expect to hear folks in public relations, social media, marketing, blogging, and much more on my podcast. I don’t want this to be the typical question/answer interview. I love to just chat with people about why they love to do what they do, what they think about their industry, etc.

I’m glad my friend and colleague, Deirdre Breakenridge, agreed to be interviewed. She’s an inspiring person and someone many in our industry are well-aware of. However, Deirdre also continues to be a person we can depend on to hear what is really happening in the world of PR 2.0. Click the link below to listen.

The JourneyCast with Jason Mollica

You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment on Twitter, Facebook, or below. And thanks for listening!

Inspire Series: 4 Tips to Stay Motivated and Inspired

Jas’ note: I’m beyond thrilled to have Heather Whaling as the first poster in this Inspire Series. She’s one of the hardest working pros around and she has plenty to share, as you’ll see.

When I launched my own company in 2009, I had no way of predicting where the journey would lead, but I stayed focused on a core purpose: I was 100% committed to building a PR firm that people would want to work for and companies want to work with. Three-plus years later, we’re well on our way. I’m fortunate to work with an amazingly talented team and clients that I truly believe in.

So, how do I keep from slipping into neutral and just letting life progress as-is? If you’ve reached a point in your career where you feel like you’re doing what you set out to do, congratulations. But, don’t stop. Don’t get comfortable with status quo.

When Jason asked me to write about what motivates and inspires me, I spent some time reflecting. Here are my four tips for staying motivated:

Define your all. What matters most to you? There’s a lot of debate right now about “having it all,” but what does that actually mean? In PR – a professional where we often feel like we’re always on the clock – how do you blend personal and professional goals to create the life you want? At work or at home, you need to set your priorities. (If you don’t set them for yourself, someone else will.) If you take time to define your “all,” then you’re equipped to proactively make decisions that will move you toward those lofty aspirations. Living life on your terms is motivating.

Act like an owner. In her book [Re]Frame: Little Inspirations for a Larger Purpose, Sarah Evans encourages readers to act like an owner. As she notes, “We are more likely to take better care about something when we ‘own’ it. Even if it’s merely changing how we view what it means to us. If you want to be happier at work, change how you think about work.” Even if you’re not technically the company owner, shift your mindset. As Sarah says, “own your work, or go find something worth owning. There is no option C.” When you feel personally invested something, you’re naturally more motivated to make it succeed.

Embrace the crazy. This has become the de facto motto in our office, as well as my own life. A career in PR, while fulfilling, can lead to some unavoidable chaos. Plus, personally, I’m embarking on a new adventure, as a small business owner and a mom-to-be, both of which are demanding, unpredictable situations. Instead of stressing about it, I’ve decided to simply embrace the crazy. As I’ve learned, the less you dwell on the impending “crazy,” the more you can enjoy wherever the road leads you.

Find your energy. During the next couple weeks, pay extra attention to those moments when you feel incredibly energized. What happened? Did you land a major media placement for a client? Create a piece of content that resonated with online communities? Land a new client? Mentor someone? Volunteer in your community? Whatever it is – and whenever/wherever it occurs – take note. After a couple of weeks, you’ll spot emerging patterns. Then, you can start to purposefully recreate similar situations. As you infuse activities into your week to generate this positive burst of energy, you should become an even more motivated self-starter.

Your turn: How do you stay motivated and inspired so you can apply your best self to whatever you’re doing at home or at work?

Heather WhalingAbout Heather: As president of Geben Communication, Heather Whaling (aka @prTini) leads new business development, client relations and strategic planning for the firm. An avid Twitter user, Heather can trace 75% of Geben’s business back to relationships that began online. This ability to turn social networking into business outcomes has helped Geben evolve into a highly respected, sought-after, award-winning PR firm. Want to learn more? Connect with Heather: BlogTwitterInstagram

Monday Minute- Relevance

We all see the importance of staying relevant as PR pros, social media managers and marketing directors. But, how can you stay relevant in these changing times? Here’s my latest Monday Minute to explain.

How do you stay relevant? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter, @JasMollica.

Blog Series: Don’t Take Any BS

What is it about putting up with BS that we enjoy so much. Do we like feeling wanted? Do we figure it will get better, in life and in business? I’ve come to a point in my life, and in my career, where the BS has to stop. There’s no room for success when you put up with BS! Repeat that a few times and see if it doesn’t make you feel better.

In public relations, we are taught to work collaboratively. We may even say yes to something we don’t necessarily believe. Why would you do that? I pride myself in life and in business with being honest. If I BS someone, how is that going to really help a client or a friend? If a client has hired me to provide a social media plan or media training, I’m going to be honest. I’m not going to be a jerk and say, “I’m right and your wrong!” It’s a collaboration. We come to a mutual agreement that plan A is much better than plan B.

honestyThe same goes with social media. We can put up this persona that everything is great, it’s just like riding a unicorn while reading memes with pictures of cute kittens. News flash- life sucks sometimes and it’s ok to say that. Isn’t honesty really the best policy? When you become something you aren’t on social networks, you are setting yourself up for failure. I’d rather see you speak your mind than BS your way through a conversation.

In business, we want to work with clients that (hopefully) are looking for us to add our expertise. I had someone tell me once they couldn’t stand working with a certain client, but it was all worth it because they paid on time. It’s come to that in your PR career… settling for someone who pays on time. That, my friends, is BS. Don’t stay with a client because they pay on time. If you begin with honesty, you’ll have an open line of communication all throughout… and that’s good for both sides.

Before you say that not adding a little BS is impossible, think of this. Who are the most successful people in your career field? Do you think they BS’d their way to the top. After awhile, the BS runs out and we find out who someone really is. That isn’t a good day.

Cicero once said, “Where is there dignity unless there is honesty?” The more honest you are and the less fake you are, you’ll find more success!

Blog Series: Never Settling for Second Best

“I’m a rockstar.” “I can do anything!” “I’m the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.”

“You’ve got a gift Roy… but it’s not enough – you’ve got to develop yourself. If you rely too much on your own gift… then… you’ll fail.”

I use that last quote from “The Natural” because it’s such a great one. Whether you are a PR pro or an athlete, we all have gifts. Some are great at writing, while others have terrific analytic minds. If you rely too heavily on those gifts, you settle. It’s not a good move.

Over my career, I’ve talked to a number of people who have just settled. I was one of those people for a few years. I thought, “Will I ever find a job I’m happy with?”

Drive to succeedI went through a bit of re-discovery about four years ago. I decided that instead of just being content with being good, I wanted to be better. Why didn’t I just settle? Because by settling, you throw away your drive and your passion. Sure, you may work at the Acme Company as an account manager, but do you really love it? If you do, great.

But, once you let the thoughts of, “I would rather just stay here; I don’t need to leave” enter your head, it’s over. Here are three ways to not settle and soar instead.

1. Find something everyday that challenges you- Whether it is a workout or a webinar, be part of something that can get your mental or physical juices flowing. I like reading at least three blogs from people who I know think fresh and outside the box.

2. Don’t let someone else tell you what your career should be- Ok, I know I’m trying to give advice here. I will never, though, tell a person what career they should go into. There’s a difference between guidance/mentoring and telling someone “You are crazy if you don’t take this job.” Take advice, listen and make up YOUR mind.

3. Listen to your heart- Think it sounds cliché? It’s not. If you are driven to succeed in life and career, your heart will help to tell you how you feel. When my heart stopped being into something, I actively starting seeking new challenges and jobs. Once the heart stops feeling driven, your mind will follow. Don’t waste both.

Remember… it’s never too late to have a life and it’s never too late to change one! 

Tuesday Tip: Repairing the NHL Brand

The NHL is back, but it has a ton of work to do in repairing the damage done from its most recent player lockout. How could they start to fix a brand that now needs serious repair? I’ve got some suggestions.



Let me know your thoughts and what YOU would do, as a hockey fan, to help the NHL repair the damage.

New Blog Series!

I enjoy giving back when I can. So, as we start a new year, it’s time to help those in our great fields of PR, social media and marketing. Starting on Thursday, Jan. 3, I’ll have a five-part blog series on things you can do to improve your career, day-to-day life in the office and at home and much more.

Here’s some background on the series:

New Blog Series

I can’t wait for you to join me weekly here and get your feedback and insights.

Building the Bridge

This time last year, I put my daughter on the bus for her first day of kindergarten. Little did I know that the bus doors opening to her new beginning were a metaphor of what was to come for her father.

One year ago, I was let go from my job. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. My own “bus doors” were opening to the start of my consultancy, JRM Comm. The ride so far has been exciting, exhilarating, draining and stressful. Read those four words again. This was not something I ever expected.

I’m going to be brutally honest. There are days that I’m still learning about running my own business. Does this affect my work with clients? Absolutely not. But, I’ve struggled with the behind the scenes things. I want to be the best. But there are days that I’m not the best. As a matter of fact, there are days where my batting average is zero.

That is the biggest test for me; trying to understand the balance of success and failure. My highs are very high. When it comes to my lows, I let the little things get to me. Why hasn’t this mail come through? How can someone actually post that on Facebook? When is this potential client going to respond?

My wife said something great to me the other night. She told me, “You need to be real. Don’t be someone online and a different one off of it.” This is something I mention and talk to people about all the time, yet I’m not listening to my own (and my wife’s) advice. Well, that changes now.

I’ve decided to build the bridge. This phrase is something that New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin told the team prior to the start of the 2012-13 season. He said:

“‘Build the Bridge’ means to carry over all the good things that happened at the end of the season last year over into the new season. The qualities that allowed us to go forward and win the World Championship.”

While this may not sound like the most inspiring thing in the world, that phrase is key for me. By building a bridge from the good things that happened and eliminating the negatives, I can be a better business owner, PR pro and speaker.

I’m lucky to be in this position… and I’m thankful for the support I’ve had from family and colleagues. My advice to you? Build your bridge, but don’t try to do it in one day. You’ll find success over time, not overnight.

That’s reality and something I absolutely embrace.