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Who is your PR Inspiration?

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best- Epictetus We (hopefully) get inspired by many things in life. A big promotion, getting your degree, or even starting your own business. However, in many cases, it is the people in our lives who inspire us to… Continue reading Who is your PR Inspiration?

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Tuesday Tip: Valuing Yourself as a Pro

Whether you are in public relations, marketing, advertising, or social media management, it is important to understand just how valuable you are. Why? It could be the difference between a potential client understanding your worth and not being valued. In today's Tip, I explain the importance of value as a professional.     What are… Continue reading Tuesday Tip: Valuing Yourself as a Pro

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The JourneyCast Podcast

In our careers, it is integral that we try new things to stay fresh. Last year, I did an episode of  what I called, "The JourneyCast." I was thrilled Matthew Cerrone from was kind enough to chat. Unfortunately, due to client work, scheduling, and life, the podcast didn't take off like I wanted. Today,… Continue reading The JourneyCast Podcast

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Inspire Series: 4 Tips to Stay Motivated and Inspired

Jas' note: I'm beyond thrilled to have Heather Whaling as the first poster in this Inspire Series. She's one of the hardest working pros around and she has plenty to share, as you'll see. When I launched my own company in 2009, I had no way of predicting where the journey would lead, but I… Continue reading Inspire Series: 4 Tips to Stay Motivated and Inspired

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Monday Minute- Relevance

We all see the importance of staying relevant as PR pros, social media managers and marketing directors. But, how can you stay relevant in these changing times? Here's my latest Monday Minute to explain. How do you stay relevant? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter, @JasMollica.

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Blog Series: Don’t Take Any BS

What is it about putting up with BS that we enjoy so much. Do we like feeling wanted? Do we figure it will get better, in life and in business? I've come to a point in my life, and in my career, where the BS has to stop. There's no room for success when you… Continue reading Blog Series: Don’t Take Any BS

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Blog Series: Never Settling for Second Best

"I'm a rockstar." "I can do anything!" "I'm the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be." "You've got a gift Roy... but it's not enough - you've got to develop yourself. If you rely too much on your own gift... then... you'll fail." I use that last quote from "The… Continue reading Blog Series: Never Settling for Second Best

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Tuesday Tip: Repairing the NHL Brand

The NHL is back, but it has a ton of work to do in repairing the damage done from its most recent player lockout. How could they start to fix a brand that now needs serious repair? I've got some suggestions.     Let me know your thoughts and what YOU would do, as a… Continue reading Tuesday Tip: Repairing the NHL Brand

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New Blog Series!

I enjoy giving back when I can. So, as we start a new year, it's time to help those in our great fields of PR, social media and marketing. Starting on Thursday, Jan. 3, I'll have a five-part blog series on things you can do to improve your career, day-to-day life in the office and… Continue reading New Blog Series!

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Building the Bridge

This time last year, I put my daughter on the bus for her first day of kindergarten. Little did I know that the bus doors opening to her new beginning were a metaphor of what was to come for her father. One year ago, I was let go from my job. It was the best… Continue reading Building the Bridge