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When Personal isn’t really Personal

On Tuesday, July 30, a story came out that a reporter at a television station in Alabama was fired for what she posted on her personal blog. It immediately became another instance of: Is what you write on a personal blog really that personal? To summarize, Shea Allen, the now-former investigative reporter for WAAY in… Continue reading When Personal isn’t really Personal

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Monday Minute- Focusing Your Message

How many of you watched both the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates? You've probably noticed the candidates trying to get their messages, or messaging, across to you. Did it work? We can learn something from this as PR/Social Media pros. Let me know your thoughts? How can we better stay on message?

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The Post-Internship Rules

Summer vacation is over, but it never really started if you had a PR/marketing/social media internship. Even before you packed up your dorm/apartment, you were already working at that internship. Well, now it’s time to head back to campus and say goodbye your supervisor and co-workers from that agency, firm, or business where you (hopefully)… Continue reading The Post-Internship Rules


What the Avengers can teach you about PR

I have no problem admitting that I'm passionate about public relations, social media marketing, and teamwork. But, I'm also a huge super hero geek. Seeing how Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America have been placed on the big screen has been awesome. On Friday, May 4, The Avengers opens in theaters around North America. I've done… Continue reading What the Avengers can teach you about PR

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Crisis PR: How “Bizarre.”

[Jason's note: I'm thrilled that Jessica Lawlor is providing this guest blog.  She is a senior public relations major at Temple University, graduating in May. She is the president of Temple’s PRSSA chapter. Jessica is currently searching for public relations positions in Philadelphia and New York City. Connect with her on Twitter, LinkedIn or check out her Web… Continue reading Crisis PR: How “Bizarre.”

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Success in Social Media starts with YOU!

Do you remember back in high school, college or even your professional life, the one person who seemed like they wanted to be Mr. or Mrs. Participation, only to disappear when it was time to do the work?  That what a new study from RJMetrics reminded me of when I read it last week.  The… Continue reading Success in Social Media starts with YOU!