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Politicos Should Continue Using Social Media

Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) social scandal gains steam by the day thanks, in part, to his tweeting a pic of his, um, “junk” to a 21-year old college student. This isn’t going to be another post on what Rep. Weiner did wrong (I think we can all figure that out) or how some need a re-education with social media.

What I would like this to be is a call for politicians nationwide to continue to use social media. Yes, do NOT stop your tweetingCourtesy: AP and posting to Facebook because of this, or a few other missteps by your political brethren. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube can be powerful tools in your arsenal. But, they also need to understand that social media can build you up and in one tweet, take you down.

Meghan McCain, who I respect, wrote a column on “The Daily Beast” this week. In it, she wondered if politicians should be on Twitter period. She said:

So I have to ask: What do politicians really gain by using Twitter? There are only a handful of politicians who are truly great on Twitter—the rest rely on their account to release press releases. But even the entertaining Tweeters stumble because the only way to succeed in the medium is to be unscripted.

I believe politicians have a ton to gain on Twitter. Look at what Newark Mayor Cory Booker has been doing. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is also a great example that if politicians understand what social media can do, it can affect change. Ms. McCain is right when she says during the election cycle that tweets will be more powerful and dangerous. It’s up to the politicians to be smart and savvy, though.

What are you thoughts of politicians posting to Facebook and Twitter? Does it make a difference? Let me know in the comments section.