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A new dawn for JRM Comm

I’m beyond thrilled to kick off the month of August with a rebranded JRM Comm. Watch the video below to learn more and browse to see how we can work together to bring you success through smart strategies!


The Four Pillars of Personal Branding

They say you can’t go “home” again; I say that’s dead wrong. On March 21, I went back to a place I called home for my college days, Temple University. Walking around the campus, which has changed by leaps and bounds since I was there, brought back lots of great memories and emotions.

The reason for being on campus was the second annual TU Invitational, hosted by the university’s outstanding PRSSA chapter. I’ve been lucky to get to know many members, both past and present, over the last few years. They make me incredibly proud to be an alum and to now call public relations my career. I spoke at this year’s Bell Tower at Temple Universityevent on being the “CEO of You.”

When I was at Temple in the mid-1990s, I had no clue about personal branding. However, I always tried to uphold the traits that I now speak about when giving talks around the country. Those traits are the pillars of my CEO of You sessions. If you want the best out of your brand, online and off, you need to embrace these four pillars.

Trust– There isn’t a brand around, personal or otherwise, that can survive without having trust. Never put your brand in a position where you sacrifice the trust you’ve built.  I would rather you be last and right, than first and wrong. Do it right the way first!

Honesty Being honest about the expectations of your brand. Never oversell something you aren’t able do, or be something you can’t. You also need to be honest with yourself. How many times have we met people who try to be someone else, or something else? That isn’t honesty. Never over inflate your abilities.

Transparency– We often ask clients to be open and transparent. That means, there is no way someone can look at you and not know who you are or what you represent. Being transparent also helps if you are in a crisis. CEO’s that hide are believed to be keeping something important a secret. Don’t hide behind secrecy.

Responsibility– You need to take responsibility for who you are and what you do in person and as a professional on social networks. Having a Twitter account, Facebook page, Instagram account, and a blog should be handled with great responsibility. You have the power to enact change as well as lead with these tools. Use them smartly and wisely.

At the end of the day, your personal brand needs to be real and have passion. If you can’t or don’t want to be real, you are wasting your time on social networks. Your brand will be fake.  It’s harder to correct your brand than it is to be real from the start.

People gravitate toward passion. They can see through your BS a mile away. If you aren’t passionate about the work you do – or if you try to fake it – those you lead will pick up on it immediately. To truly inspire others and establish yourself as an expert, you have to love what you do. The drive to be the best is fueled by passion, without it, you may tend to view your work or activities as something you have to do, rather than something you get to do.

How are you upholding these four pillars? Let me know in the comments!

Personal Branding: One Twitter Account is Enough

One of the more popular questions I get during my CEO of You personal branding talks is: “Should I have separate Twitter accounts for personal and professional?” It’s a great question because there are so many opinions on this. There’s the camp that states it is absolutely necessary to have both because you do not want to confuse followers about your brand. A recent article on “The Savvy Intern” blog stressed the necessity to have a recreational account for topics that aren’t “on brand.”  Tip of the blog cap to Reganie Smith (@ReganiePR) for sharing the post on Twitter.

managing multiple social accountsI fall into the other camp: I don’t think it is necessary to have two Twitter accounts. On full disclosure, I do have two accounts. One is for my business, JRM Comm; the other is me, @JasMollica. The difference, though, is that I don’t feel it’s essential for staying “on brand” to have a second account for myself. My JRM Comm account is strictly business; my @JasMollica account is a mix of professional and personal. Here are my reasons why you should focus on just one Twitter account.

  • Time– Regardless of whether you know how to use Tweetdeck, HootSuite, or Twitter’s app, it’s not easy to juggle multiple accounts. Focus your time on making your personal account great and show people you are worth the follow.
  • Confusion- One of the more important aspects of personal branding is giving people a good idea of who you are and what you do. If you have two accounts, who should I follow? The real person or the other account that just tweets business/career information? Don’t fall into the trap of being confusing. That only makes your brand clouded.
  • Transparency- I’ve stressed in many of my talks to students and professionals that the need for openness and transparency are essential. To me, multiple Twitter accounts do not help. I want to know who you really are… and so do other pros and potential employers. And, frankly, if you put the more personal tweets on another account, people will still find it.
  • Noise- We’ve all heard folks complain about too many tweets. Two accounts from one person adds to the Twitter noise. We see people tweet the same information, at the same time, from multiple accounts. That adds to the noise. Tweeting information that is valuable to your followers from one account cuts down on noise and confusion, too.
  • Personality- I’m in the camp that wants to see your personal side and that’s not to sound stalkerish. Before I hit follow, I look at what you’ve tweeted about. It gives me -and others- a better idea of who you are and what you do. If you posted something about last night’s hockey game, that’s great. We don’t, however, need to see the posts about beer pong or being hung over.
  • Smarts- Twitter and many other social networks may be free to sign up for, but they all require responsibility. You can make your one Twitter account great by just displaying some smarts. Don’t be so quick to hit that tweet button. Take a moment to consider your audience and your brand. Displaying smarts on your one account will go farther in strengthening your personal brand.

Focusing on your personal brand can be very difficult. The more honest you are with yourself and your audience, is not only great for your brand, it will be great for your career as well.

What are your thoughts on multiple Twitter accounts? Let me know in the comments!

Let me be your CEO of You coach!

I want to make your personal brand great!

I want to make your personal brand great!

Over the last four months, the CEO of You series has taken off even more than I expected. The apex was appearing at the PRSSA National Conference in Philadelphia last October. The response from the students in attendance and on social media was frankly overwhelming and flattering.

In the weeks following, I had time to think about how CEO of You would move forward. I’ve talked with a number of students since October, whether it be over social networks, Skype, or email. The one thing that kept echoing in my mind was: “I need to do more.” But what would that “more” be? I have the answer.

Starting today, I’m happy to announce that I am offering one-hour personal branding sessions for students and new professionals, on an individual basis, for FREE. During these sessions , I will do everything I discuss in my talks: Do a personal SWOT analysis and personal audit on you and your brand, as it appears right now.  We’ll then discuss your understanding what your brand is. And, yes, when I say this is free, I mean it is FREE.

So why am I doing this? It’s simple… I love what I do as a professional and I’m passionate about personal branding. And I want to help you have a passionate, energetic, and professional brand.

Let’s work together and make you the CEO of YOU! Reach out to me at Jason.R.Mollica-at-gmail-dot-com.

Thursday Thought: Personal SWOT Analysis

How many SWOT Analyses have you done in your public relations career? Have you ever done one for your personal brand? With the end of the year just a few weeks away, now is as good as a time to do one! Check out the Thursday Thought to see how.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter @JasMollica.

PRSSANC and Making a Difference

Photo credit: Sarenna Lawson (@SarennaMarieL)

Photo credit: Sarenna Lawson (@SarennaMarieL)

A week ago today, I left for Philadelphia, Pa. and the 2013 Public Relations Student Society of America’s National Conference (PRSSANC). The buzz leading up to the event was incredible and the energy that filled the Loews Philadelphia Hotel was infectious.

I had the honor and pleasure of presenting “CEO of You: Creating Your Personal Brand.” To say I was blown away by the response before, during and after the talk, is a vast understatement. You could see the passion in the tweets and questions. I meant what I said on Oct. 26, “America runs on Dunkin’? No, America runs on PRSSA!”

After talking to students afterwards about personal branding, I realized one simple thing: In our lives, PR can make a huge difference. Why? Because it’s in our power as students, new pros and seasoned pros to do so.

I stressed in my talk about being great. That wasn’t something I just said to sound cool. I meant it. We all have the power to shape lives by being great. Your personal brand is an extension of you on social networks, websites and in personal interactions.

Would you seek advice from someone who is average, or below average, or would you ask advice or guidance from someone who has shown they can be great at something? If you want to be the best, you listen to the ones that have achieved something more, something greater. Your personal brand can make a difference to those around you.

If you took anything from my talk at PRSSANC, I would hope it would be that you have the power to make your personal brand great and be the CEO of You. Your brand may be good now, but you can make it greater for the future. In turn, you can make a difference in the lives of fellow students, new pros, and experienced pros.

After all, PRSSANC inspired me to want to be something more than I am right now. I want to make a difference for my clients, my business, and YOU. Let’s do this together!

Personal Audits and Your Brand

On Oct. 26, I’ll be speaking at PRSSA’s National Conference in Philadelphia, Pa. (Cue the Rocky theme!) It’s an incredible honor to be back in the city where I got my degree (#TempleMade) and my first job.

The title of the talk is “The CEO of You,” which focuses on personal branding. Whether you are a freshman, graduating senior or new professional, your brand online is extremely important. Here is my latest Thursday Thought on doing a personal audit as part of your brand.

How are you checking yourself weekly, monthly, or quarterly? Let me know in the comments.

The CEO of You

I’m beyond excited to be traveling to Philadelphia in a few weeks to be part of PRSSA’s National Conference. Not only will I be visiting the city I got my start in, professionally, I’m also getting a chance to share something I’m passionate about: Personal Branding. The title of my talk is, “The CEO of You.” In this video, I explain a little of what PRSSA members can expect in the talk and what you can expect in the days leading up to this.

Let me know your thoughts and I hope to see you in Philly!

Monday Minute: Personal Branding

Two words that are certain to generate a reaction are PERSONAL BRANDING. Folks either hate the use of it in talking about YOU or they are very passionate in saying that we DO have a personal brand.

In today’s Minute, I discuss the pros of personal branding.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

Keeping your personal brand fresh


“Have you? Given me your very best? Because I know there’s a lot more in you, a whole other level, that for some reason you just don’t want to go to!”-Herb Brooks to Jim Craig (Miracle, 2004)

When I embarked on my blog journey last December, I thought of it as just an extension of who I was, professionally and personally. I also looked at the blog as a way of being creative. It’s become more than that to me and those of you that read this. My blog is now part of my personal brand.

To play on that quote from “Miracle,” I’ve had to take my brand to another level. I knew I had something inside that would allow me to be a better public relations practitioner. But what are you doing to “freshen up” your personal brand? Here are some ways you can accomplish this.

Continuing education

I’m a strong proponent of taking in as much knowledge as you can. It doesn’t always have to mean going back to school, though. Get a book on web analytics. Take a webinar from Cision or your local PRSA chapter. I’ve found attending conferences to be a very valuable asset in freshening up your brand. It allows you to network and gain more knowledge… two keys in keeping your brand strong.

Be Adaptable

There’s something to be said for those that stay in the same career for 25 plus years. Over time though, if you don’t adapt to the times you become obsolete. That person’s brand has become stale and behind the times. In this day and age, you MUST be adaptable. My background was originally in television and radio. When I moved into public relations, I thought I needed to forget about my old career. It was a mistake. I learned to use my past experiences to enhance my personal brand. Aside from my PR job, I am the public address announcer for the New York Mets AAA affiliate, the Buffalo Bisons. Prove to an employer or a potential client that you can offer them something other than the title on your business card.

Challenge Your Brand
You probably have met or know someone that just coasts. They work in a job that is comfortable, but really don’t care too much about it. Do better and always challenge yourself. Do you have a few close colleagues on Twitter? Ask ask them for their honest thoughts on your ideas. This will challenge you to be at your best.

By applying these examples, your personal brand will stay fresh and, in turn, help you go with confidence.