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A lesson in fun.

What a whirlwind this week.  First, it was great to be a guest blogger at Lauren Novo an Niki Pocock’s places and give some advice to those who are about to become or already are public relations pros.  I enjoy giving back any way that I can.  So a hearty THANK YOU (again) to two wonderful ladies.

The second half of the week was a bit of a slog though.  I’ve been getting bogged down with work and I’m not complaining, but I found myself getting all worked up about the smallest things.  As PR people, we are paid to make sure details are taken care of to the point where you can’t wiggle anything through.  This week, I just let everything get to me.  I couldn’t make a sense of what I was reading for a plan I was writing and I wasn’t able to focus on any of my research.

I finally had to step away from my desk and do something.  I was getting so annoyed that something very easy was getting harder by the moment.  I walked into the lobby of our building and a young boy was sitting there playing with a PlayStation Portable.  I’m a video game type of guy, so I asked him what he was playing.  He was mashing away at  Madden.  I always get my tail whupped in that game, so I asked him why he was enjoying it.  He said, “It’s just fun.”

Then, it really hit me. I wasn’t having much “fun” working on what I was doing.  I needed to kick start my enjoyment and realize that the harder you make things for yourself, the tougher it is to get things done.  We have all done this at some point.  We rack our brains for the answer and become so frustrated we can’t even put a simple thought together.

I’ve found that we are at our productive best when we are clear-headed.  Sure, easier said than done.  But, try this: Close your eyes for ten seconds and clear everything out of your head.  I’ve been doing this lately and it’s worked wonders.  I would also suggest simply getting up from your desk and going for a short walk. Maybe you work in an office complex where you can walk to a vending machine or through the lobby.  The amount of time it takes for you to do that is enough to give you something else to focus on. 

Look, we all get stressed out during the day at some point.  Maybe the boss is on your case or you’ve had a rough morning.  You will find that a little breather can go a long way in helping you deal with the rest of your project or even your day. 

Just remember… Stop. Breathe. Then move on.