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The JourneyCast Podcast: Michael A. Brown, Sr., Ph.D.

Over a year ago, Michael Brown, Sr. reached out to me and asked if he could use one of my blog posts in his upcoming book. It was flattering to be asked, since I’ve never been included in a book, and I agreed.  Fast forward to April 2014 and that book is now out. Michael is the co-author (along with Tracy Schario, APR) of the book, “Social Media 4EVR: Identifying, Achieving, and Nurturing Social Capital.” 

MikeBrownWebsiteIn this edition of The JourneyCast Podcast, we discuss Michael’s career, his unique skill set, and why the book is important for new and experienced pros.

The JourneyCast Podcast, episode 7- Michael A. Brown, Sr., Ph.D. 

You can find Michael on Twitter, @MichaelBrown76

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Path: Gaining Traction or Social Clutter?

One of the things I enjoy about my job is researching new ways to help clients in marketing their businesses and brands. So, I tried Path at the recommendation of colleague. Launched in 2010, Path is a more personal social network than Facebook and Twitter. On iTunes, it says that Path is, “the best way to share life and stay connected with family and friends.”

PathI’ve been using Path for almost a year and there are many things to like about it. Path is a tad more personal than Facebook, but still (like Facebook), allows you to comment on friends’ posts. You can also add emoticons to a friend’s Path (without leaving a comment), much akin to the “like” on Facebook. A few of the other items that are a plus is how it allows you to add photos (like Facebook), tag where you are (like Foursquare), and let people know what music you are listening to at the current moment.

I’m never one to totally close the door on any social network, but as I’ve used Path I’ve come to these questions more than once: “Why am I using it” and “How is it really different?” I’m not sure I see how Path fits for a brand, business or even for personal use. Sure, the “more personal” side may be great for some, however, just what value will it bring me or even a client?

Of course, not every social network is made to be used by businesses. In the case of my personal use of it, I’ll admit that I haven’t embraced it totally, although I do post and react to friends’ posts.

I asked this question on Twitter on Tuesday: “Working on a post on Path. Why do you use it? What do you like/dislike?” Here are some reactions…

Path Twitter post 1

Path Twitter 2

Path Twitter 3

While this is only three people, it gives you a good idea what some feel about Path. Heather’s point is very well taken. I do see some different emotions there than on Facebook. Harrison’s point, though, is how I tend to feel. It doesn’t pull me away to say, “I have to post on Path right now.”

At the end of the day, a social network needs to be appealing and have something that other ones don’t already.  Ask yourself these questions: “Is it worth my time?” and “Will it enhance my social experience?” If your answer is no to one or both, don’t use it.

What say you on Path? Let me know in the comments!

Monday Minute- Integrity

Good day all! Today’s Monday Minute discusses an important topic… Integrity.

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