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A new dawn for JRM Comm

I’m beyond thrilled to kick off the month of August with a rebranded JRM Comm. Watch the video below to learn more and browse to see how we can work together to bring you success through smart strategies!


Tuesday Tip: Social Media Engagement

You’ve all heard plenty about how to engage your audience on social media. But are you listening? There are tons of companies that aren’t. However, instead of harping on the negative, I’d like to focus on the positive. Today’s Tuesday Tip does that.

What are other companies doing that jump out at you?

Fresh Starts All Week Long

Monday. The perfect day to kick-start your new plan. Or is it? In today’s Minute, I discuss how to make every day a fresh start.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Starting Small By Thinking Big

I am not Edelman; I’m not BlissPR; I’m not even Ruder Finn. I say that with no ounce of disrespect, either. Many of the people who work at those places have, in one way or another, provided inspiration to me. You see, those big players in our field helped shape how I wanted to run my consultancy.

Sure, I looked at many other consultancies and businesses, those not in PR or social media marketing, to get ideas. It, ultimately, came back to the “big boys.” They didn’t start with name brands or PR consultants to Fortune 500 CEOs; they started small and got bigger and bigger.

Do I think my name will eventually be like Edelman? No. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to think big. Just because you aren’t a big firm doesn’t mean you can’t think like one.

JRM Comm started as a pipe dream. I wanted to be on my own. I grew tired of doing things that I felt weren’t moving forward. So, when I broke off on my own last September, I put everything I learned into launching my consultancy. I may be small in business size, but my mind thinks big. And that is what clients want… and what you should aspire to.

The minute you begin to think small, instead of big, you have failed. You deserve better and so do your clients. Think about this for a second: Would you listen to a consultant or pro if they said you should just do a news release? Probably not. That’s thinking small. You would probably listen to a pro that said let’s create a plan that involves traditional PR tactics and PR 2.0. Let’s do a Twitter contest, etc.

You may be just one person now, but two years from now you may have five employees. You don’t get there by just thinking small… you get bigger by thinking bigger. Dream it and believe it!

Monday Minute: Social Strategy

Today’s Minute focuses on strategy and how important it is in our social age. Don’t leave your strategies to chance, focus and plan precisely.

What are some other social strategies you follow? Let me know in the comments.

Monday Minute: Teamwork

Whether you are a new pro or seasoned veteran in public relations and marketing, you know teamwork is one of the most important parts of a campaign. Today’s Monday Minute discusses this further.

What are your teamwork secrets. Let me know in the comments.

Monday Minute: Leadership

Are you a leader? There’s often the thought that just because you are in a leadership position, you must be one. I discuss leadership in today’s Minute.

What are your thoughts on leadership? Let me know in the comments.

It’s common sense, right?!?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve read more than a few white papers, listened and watched webinars, and read a book on how to better use social media. I’ve been told on more than a few occasions that you need to have a plan and you should understand what you are getting into when it comes to our friendly neighborhood Twitter or Facebook account.

While I agree that, in business, you should have a plan (you have a strategy for everything else right?), when it comes to our own individual social media accounts, is it necessary to map this out? When I first started using Twitter, I didn’t sit up at night and say, “I want 200 followers by the end of this month.”  I signed on, jumped in, and started talking.  The same went for Facebook.  I found co-workers, friends, and family to follow.  No plan, no scheme, no a-ha moment.

When using social media, I’m a firm believer in common sense.  Case in point, the young gal who tweeted that she was going to start at Kelly Cutrone’s People’s Revolution.  I’m all for getting excited about a new gig, but when you pop off that you will be “part of the cast,” that’s not using your head.   It doesn’t take that much thought to use social media, believe me.

We all (hopefully) think before we act.  The same should be done when it comes to Tweeting and posting on Facebook. Do we really need a handbook for this? I know some of you out there will argue that, yes, a handbook is needed because there are so many that don’t get it when it comes to social media.

Remember when you took that internship in college… they didn’t hand you something to tell you how to answer a phone or deal with clients and the media.  We learned by watching and being a sponge.

It’s becoming my belief more each day that if we stop for a moment and come to our senses, we’ll see through the smoke and have clarity.

So, let me ask you folks…do we need a social media handbook or is it really common sense? Share your thoughts.