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“Tout”ing your business email

Fact: We’ve all wanted to make sending emails for our businesses simple and easy. On the other hand, we as public relations pros would like to receive an email pitch email that doesn’t seem like it was done by a robot.

Last week, I took ToutApp for a test drive when they launched ToutApp 4.0. Simple to use? You bet. It allows you to introduce templates into the e-mails you send to promote your business. You can then analyze how effective the templates are with website-type analytics, highlighting the performance from top to bottom.

What I really like about it is that it integrates nicely with Gmail.


Email made easier? That's what ToutApp is hoping for.

As a person who recently launched their own business, I’m always looking for an edge in getting information and/or pitches out correctly and promptly. With Tout, I can take the time I would crank out mails, to tweak my strategies.

Another bonus is Tout University. This teaches you how to be more productive and communicate better over email, through guides, tutorials and example email templates. Speaking of tutorials, check out this video that explains Tout even further.

I would recommend this easy-to-use tool for small or medium sized businesses, especially from the analytics side of things. Being able to break down views and clickthroughs is important. If I can see when an email recipient has opened it and is planning a response, that puts me in good shape.

If you want more information, click here.