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Inspire Series: Having a goal puts you ahead of the game

by Carlotta Zorzi

If there is something that I have learnt so far during my academic and work experiences is that having a specific goal makes it much easier for you to succeed in whatever you’re trying to do – rather than being ‘open to anything’. Given that this is a rule that should not just work for myself I thought it was interesting creating a discussion around it to see what you think – particularly on the topic of getting a job. However, when I explain this point of view to my friends and acquaintances at times they struggle with one main point, which is to identify their passions in order to turn them into a job.

Why identifying your passion? I’ve seen too many people working for companies they do not like or respect, or who have jobs that are not up to their abilities and that leave them frustrated. Even Forbes said that 70% of the employees hate their jobs! However, I don’t think it’s only the employers’ responsibility to make you like a job, but it’s (often) also our duty to make sure we become selective and focused in order to ‘Find a Job We Love and We’ll Never Work a Day in Our Life’. And let’s be honest, who wants to get back home at night all stressed and frustrated? I can’t see anyone raising their hand! Is it the society that makes you think that you can only get to a certain level/job? Or is it you who prevent yourself from getting that dream job?

Perhaps the problem is back at the beginning: You may still be at the stage of ‘what do I want to do with my life’, which may discourage you from defining a specific goal. Well, I think there is a simple way to find out what your new and exciting goal could be. With the hope that you all have something you’re interested in, something that you love to do in your spare time, this picture may help you understand what I mean:

Copyright, Carlotta Zorzi
Copyright, Carlotta Zorzi

Clearly, this is an extremely simplified way to explain my reasoning into words to let you understand how I think. There are obviously many levels of jobs, as well as many external factors that can impact on the success of your ideas e.g. current market health or market request for specific goods or services. However, thanks to the Internet, no one stops you from creating your own online business which would allow you to work with clients that are far from your location. And why not starting your own blog/vlog on your favorite subject? Quality content is likely to raise followers and, who knows, maybe even a job offer from your dream company as a consequence of the passion and expertise you put into your blog. Furthermore, the examples given are strictly casual: no one stops you from going into gardening if you hold a nursing degree, no one stops you from going into films if you hold a religious studies degree. You may need to work on your skills, but if your goal is defined and your passion is real, that should not be an issue – but a pleasure. On the other hand, there are jobs that require a specific education e.g. law, engineering, and for those you may need to consider going back to the academic life for a while if your current skills don’t grant you access to such positions. But that’s another story.

Furthermore, some jobs will pay better than others. It’s always been like this and it will always be. But what is it a job that pays well but that stresses you out, leaves you unsatisfied or demotivated? As this graph gives a simple idea on how to identify your passion and so your goal, the main thing to me is being able to do something that I enjoy. I am personally working towards becoming part of a team that work around the release of movie trailers and related projects. I’ve always been passionate about films and cinema, so everything I’ve done so far has been with such goal on mind. It’s not going to be easy, especially because I am willing to relocate overseas, so there are visas and bureaucracy involved, but if there’s a will there’s a way and this is just the beginning.

It’s all about getting out there, spending and unreasonable amount of time on the internet learning about the industry you love, filling in applications, scanning documents, sending mails, keeping up with replies and learning something every day. It’s not an easy way, but from my humble point of view I am convinced that believing in your passions and making them your goal will take you to where you want to get. Because what’s better than making your hobby a job that can pay your bills?


602320_10201263486890595_406455678_nOriginally from Italy, Carlotta Zorzi graduated in 2013 from Edinburgh Napier University with a BA (Hons) in Communications, Advertising & Public Relations and spent a year at San Jose State University, California. Carlotta has been managing Scent Sciences Corporation’s marketing & PR since May 2011 and she is about to start her MSc in International Marketing & Brand Management at Lund University, Sweden. She speaks five languages and her dream is to work for movie trailers and film promotion.


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