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Gimme a Break!

"You got me workin'... day and night."- Michael Jackson That's the way I've felt lately. I work during the day, then come home and jump into doing my consulting work. This isn't me complaining about work. Believe me, I love consulting and working with passionate people. It keeps the juices really flowing. But, at some… Continue reading Gimme a Break!

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Politicos Should Continue Using Social Media

Rep. Anthony Weiner's (D-NY) social scandal gains steam by the day thanks, in part, to his tweeting a pic of his, um, "junk" to a 21-year old college student. This isn't going to be another post on what Rep. Weiner did wrong (I think we can all figure that out) or how some need a… Continue reading Politicos Should Continue Using Social Media

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Revamping the Justice League

DC Comics is getting the band back together, but they never really broke up. The publisher of Superman, Green Lantern, and Batman comics announced this week that it will renumber the entire line of the DC Universe with first issues, including the popular "Justice League." As a fan of all things superheroes, this caught my… Continue reading Revamping the Justice League