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Join me at JRM Comm for a new blog!

Good day, friends! It’s a new year… heck, it’s February already. Last year, though, I re-launched my brand and, with the help of Ashley of Little Leaf Design, have a brand new website. This means I’m going to be posting on the blog at the new site.

So, join me at, scroll to the bottom of a post and sign up for updates by clicking the “Notify me of new posts by email” box. You’ll be able to get fresh content and more.

My latest post on “Why Understanding the Media Matters Today” is live, NOW. Thanks for your readership and passionate comments here for the last five years. I look forward to the same at the new blog site.


A new dawn for JRM Comm

I’m beyond thrilled to kick off the month of August with a rebranded JRM Comm. Watch the video below to learn more and browse to see how we can work together to bring you success through smart strategies!

Let me be your CEO of You coach!

I want to make your personal brand great!

I want to make your personal brand great!

Over the last four months, the CEO of You series has taken off even more than I expected. The apex was appearing at the PRSSA National Conference in Philadelphia last October. The response from the students in attendance and on social media was frankly overwhelming and flattering.

In the weeks following, I had time to think about how CEO of You would move forward. I’ve talked with a number of students since October, whether it be over social networks, Skype, or email. The one thing that kept echoing in my mind was: “I need to do more.” But what would that “more” be? I have the answer.

Starting today, I’m happy to announce that I am offering one-hour personal branding sessions for students and new professionals, on an individual basis, for FREE. During these sessions , I will do everything I discuss in my talks: Do a personal SWOT analysis and personal audit on you and your brand, as it appears right now.  We’ll then discuss your understanding what your brand is. And, yes, when I say this is free, I mean it is FREE.

So why am I doing this? It’s simple… I love what I do as a professional and I’m passionate about personal branding. And I want to help you have a passionate, energetic, and professional brand.

Let’s work together and make you the CEO of YOU! Reach out to me at Jason.R.Mollica-at-gmail-dot-com.

Be Inspired

“People who achieve great things that the world will never forget, start out by accomplishing small things that the world will never see.” -Tom Coughlin.

Last week, I blogged about how it is tough, at times, to spark your creative juices. We aren’t always creative and we need to be honest with ourselves about that, I wrote. However, just because you don’t feel incredibly creative does not mean that you can’t be inspired. There’s inspiration everywhere and the above quote from New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is a perfect example of that.


There are two people who really have a knack at being inspiring: Matt Cheuvront and Jessica Lawlor. I’ve been lucky to know both for some time now. Matt is the founder of Proof in Nashville, Tennessee. Not only is he an outstanding entrepreneur, Matt is also the genius behind Life Without Pants. His newsletter, “The Hustle” is the jolt you need to be inspired (it’s better than that first cup of coffee). His blog, though, is always a great way to set off that inner flame towards inspiring you to be better. Case in point, here’s an excerpt from a blog earlier this month, titled, ” Redefine Normal. Act Accordingly. Be Remarkable.

You’re hustling. You’re working hard. You’re trying new things and coming up with new ideas. You’re writing blogs, pouring your heart out for others to see. You’re starting amazing companies. You’re inventing new ideas and improving upon existing ones. You’re traveling the world and experiencing new things. You’re falling in love. You care. You do. You matter.

It was exactly what I needed that day to realize… I MATTER.

Jessica Lawlor is as wise as an Owl. She should be… she graduated from Temple University, like me. I’ve been lucky enough, though, to mentor Jessica from time to time. But, on many occasions, she’s actually mentored me. Her website,, always has something to make you stand up and say, “I can do this!”

She challenges her readers to “Get Gutsy” and it works because Jess inspired me to do the same. Her post “How Saying No Helped Me Open Up To a World of Yes,” was a game changer for many reasons. This quote encapsulated what I’ve felt, but could not put into action:

The moral of the story here is that sometimes you need to say no. You need to recognize when enough is enough. You need to recognize (and respect) your boundaries in order to reach your goals.

We sometimes find it tough to say no (me included), but to read what Jess did and how it opened up new ideas and new opportunities helped me do the same.

Now, while I recommend that you check out what Jessica and Matt are doing and writing on their blogs, there are many others out there that inspire. We all have ways to do it; in actions and in words. You can find inspiration right around the corner. But you have to open your mind to it.

Monday Minute: Setbacks into Accomplishments

One of the worst feelings in the world is having a setback. It puts doubt into your mind and makes you feel miserable. My colleague -and fellow Temple alum- Jessica Lawlor has a great e-newsletter that you can subscribe to on her website.

In Monday’s newsletter, she discussed pushing through despite personal setbacks. She wrote:

I hope that no matter what you may be going through in your personal life…despite whatever challenges you’re facing or whatever hardships may be thrown your way, that you can find a little ray of sunshine somewhere in the mess. I hope that when you find that little spark of light, you’re able to hold onto it and know that better days are ahead.

Today’s Monday Minute is a way to show you how to turn clouds into rays of sunshine.

How do you move forward? Let me know in the comments.

Blog Series: Organizing and Balancing Your Work

As I start off this five-part series on the blog, it’s my hope that it can help you find ease as you look for ways to improve what you are already doing. Here we go!

Whether you are a solo professional or working in an office, organization and balance are two of the more important things. You may have one, but not the other.

I’m here to say, that it is possible. It doesn’t happen in a day or month. It takes time. Since I became a solo PR pro, I’ve learned that balance is integral to your home and work success. Here is how I’m doing it.

1. Create a comfortable work environment. We’ve all seen that Facebook post or Twitter pic of a messy desk. There’s no way you can be productive with your desk cluttered with papers, yesterday’s snack and the over abundance of photos of your dog. Take a moment to set up a desk that will allow productivity and inspiration. You want to feel as good as possible to work. I have my inbox, inspirational quotes and a notepad on mine.

Work-Life-Balance2. Start your week out by setting goals. I mentioned that notepad… Mid 2012, my wife mentioned that I may be better organized if I had a notepad at my desk. At the beginning of each week, put your clients and the tasks you have for each. Then, look at the tasks that are “must do’s.” This will not only help keep you focused, but on point as well. No more of the “I have nothing to do!”

3. Social shutdown. For those of us that manage social communities, this is a tough one. However, being on social networks can be an amazing distraction. Don’t just be on Twitter or pinning to Pinterest because you have a few minutes. Focus on the task at hand, then move to your social agenda. Community managers have a unique problem here. But, while you step away from time to time, work on reporting what is going on in your social communities.

4. Work is work, home is home. You do need that separation, especially when you are a solo pro. While I enjoy working on some projects after the kids go to bed, your mind needs to reboot. Don’t push the brain too much. Set a time to shut it down for the day and make a note where you need to pick up. You aren’t a robot, so take a break.

5. Invest in a planner. Everything doesn’t need to be on your iPhone. I’ve used a planner in concert with my phone. I like the opportunity to jot down a new meeting or quick idea. Good planners can last years, while your phone is replaceable. Another great think about a planner is that, like the notepad, it is great for focus and keeping track of goals you have set.

Try one or more of these out and let me know how it works for you. What do you do to attain your goals and balance? Let me know in the comments.

New Blog Series!

I enjoy giving back when I can. So, as we start a new year, it’s time to help those in our great fields of PR, social media and marketing. Starting on Thursday, Jan. 3, I’ll have a five-part blog series on things you can do to improve your career, day-to-day life in the office and at home and much more.

Here’s some background on the series:

New Blog Series

I can’t wait for you to join me weekly here and get your feedback and insights.

Monday Minute- Focusing Your Message

How many of you watched both the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates? You’ve probably noticed the candidates trying to get their messages, or messaging, across to you. Did it work? We can learn something from this as PR/Social Media pros.

Let me know your thoughts? How can we better stay on message?

NHL/NHLPA Face PR Issues with Lockout

For the second time in eight years, the National Hockey League has locked out its players. In 2004, the lockout wiped out the whole season. At that time, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman sought fiscal responsibility (read: Salary Cap) and a better game. He seemed to have received it.

Teams are (apparently) better off now than they were eight years ago. Well, ok, let’s not include the Atlanta Thrashers; they picked up and left for Winnipeg and became the (new) Jets.

Here is what Commissioner Bettman said during the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals:

“During the regular season, we played to nearly 96% of capacity and attracted about 21.5 million people, and we’re at nearly 102% of capacity for the playoffs.

In the face of what remains a challenged economy, we estimate that we did $3.3 billion worth of business, which is another record for revenues for us. I can’t thank adequately our fans, business partners and broadcasters for all of their support.

In addition, we had record ad sales, record sponsorship activation, connecting our sponsors’ brands with our brands and with our fans on a deeper level than ever before. We look forward to an even brighter future in traditional and non-traditional media.”

Pretty rosy outlook, eh? Fast-forward to September. The lockout took effect on the 19th because… team owners feel they are losing too much money using the Collective Bargaining Agreement system that expired. So is the NHL a moneymaker or is the league not as strong as the commissioner has said?

This is PR issue number one for the NHL, which is coming off a season where a top five market (Los Angeles) won the Stanley Cup. The NHL must be up front and transparent. Are you losing money or is the league strong? No fuzzy math is needed, commissioner.

Should there be a sympathetic eye put towards to NHL Players Association? Just because they are locked out, doesn’t mean they are without blame. The NHLPA is already ramping up their PR, with players tweeting and saying that they want to play in front of the best fans in the world.

Sure, that’s great but if the players care for what is “best for the sport” they’ll work harder at getting a deal done. The players are winning the PR “war” now, but if this continues to stretch, the Donald Fehr-led players’ association will find less and less support.

I put the question out to folks on Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday: Will the NHL and NHLPA still have a PR issue when the lockout eventually ends? Here are some of your thoughts.

Dan Carubia (via Facebook)- This is all about money, greed and power on both sides. No one wins here, but in the end TV income will be there, sales of team apparel will be profitable and fans will have interest, (especially the) Canadian cities, original six cities and a hand full of others (Philly, Pittsburgh, St. Louis).

John Trader (via Facebook)- I think that if the season is lost, there will be a PR problem. Since you are talking about a league that plays fourth fiddle to MLB, NFL and NBA and is already behind the eight ball in revenues and popularity, this will have some damaging effects. If they somehow manage to salvage part of the season, it will be less damage control. I know one thing – the two sides are far, far apart of revenue sharing discussions so bring in some firewood and warm up the cocoa – it’s going to be a long winter.

James McCusker (via Facebook)- The NHL should have learned its lessons after the last lockout, but I think the main reason this lockout is happening is the NHLPA hiring Donald Fehr as their president. When I saw he was hired, I knew there would be a work stoppage.

My feeling? The NHL will take the brunt of the PR pain. Eight years ago, fans were upset about the lockout, but understood the reasons. The players were seen as having had their way for too long. Now, the owners want some more control of fiscal responsibility, but owners are still throwing money around.

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Fresh Starts All Week Long

Monday. The perfect day to kick-start your new plan. Or is it? In today’s Minute, I discuss how to make every day a fresh start.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!