Three Steps for New Pros

[Jas' note: I'm thrilled to welcome Niki Ianni, a fellow Temple University alum, to the blog with a great and timely post.] Six months ago to the day, I put on my new Macy’s clearance rack suit, smoothed my hair, double-checked my briefcase for all the basics and took a deep breath as I walked… Continue reading Three Steps for New Pros

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Tuesday Tip: Social Media Engagement

You've all heard plenty about how to engage your audience on social media. But are you listening? There are tons of companies that aren't. However, instead of harping on the negative, I'd like to focus on the positive. Today's Tuesday Tip does that. What are other companies doing that jump out at you?

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What I’ve Learned So Far

Over the last few weeks, I've begun to do some soul-searching. This has nothing to do with being unhappy or frustrated. It has everything to do with challenging myself to be better, to learn more and to understand the business I've started. I was watching "Life After Top Chef" on Bravo the other night. Each… Continue reading What I’ve Learned So Far